Fresno Medical Marijuana Laws

California voters passed Proposition 215, also known as The Compassionate Use Act, in 1996. The Compassionate Use Act allows medical marijuana patients the use, cultivation, and transportation of medical marijuana with a doctors recommendation.

Proposition 215 also exempts medical marijuana patients, caregivers, and physicians who recommend medical marijuana for medical purposes.

Senate Bill 420 was written into law in December of 2003 to address uncertainties and clarify the scope of the Act for patients, caregivers, law enforcement and others.

SB 420 paved the road for a voluntary statewide medical marijuana identification card program exists to help patients identify their medical marijuana status.

Depending on the medical marijuana patients county of residence, qualified patients and their caregivers may apply for and be issued an identification card. This Medical Marijuana Identification Card will be used to verify those patients and caregivers that have authorization to possess, grow, transport and/or use medical marijuana within the State of California.

Local governments pass city ordinances regulating medical marijuana dispensaries in their communities.

Medical marijuana is very active in California. From Los Angeles, to Fresno, and every where in between. Twelve other states have passed medical marijuana into legislation since 1996.

According to the Sacramento Chronicle poll, medical marijuana laws gain acceptance, an amazing 74% of registered voters favor medical marijuana.